About Us

Advantech entered the communication industry in 1995, serving as consultants for businesses and facilities. At the time, there was a lack of phone vendors offering both efficiency and cost effectiveness, while running an honest operation, and customers expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the recommended companies. As a result, Advantech launched pbx system installations in 1999. Striving to offer our customers systems that meet their needs, we realized that one platform wasn’t sufficient. Advantech therefore became multidimensional, discarding old systems as they became less relevant or outdated and offering a number of sophisticated and advanced systems. In 2002, Advantech began offering additional products outside of the communication field, allowing new or growing operations to use Advantech for all their technological needs. In 2009, Advantech launched the R & D department to remain current in the constantly evolving industry.

Today, Advantech operates out of our northeast headquarters, while maintaining a dedicated regional dispatch office. We have created a partner network with certified technicians nationwide, allowing for quick dispatch to any customer site. Our history of customer dedication and commitment to progress has enabled Advantech to become a leader in IP and VoIP technology, as well as TV HD, cloud based and Hospitality DRE solutions.

One Stop. One Solution:

We are fully automated, from the survey process through the final installation and maintenance of any system, providing all services in-house and maintaining a complete activity log.

Professional Assistance

Trained and certified technicians provide superior on-site support in any location, nationwide.

Express Trouble-Shooting:

Live agents perform rapid call pick-up, with nearly all requests handled remotely. Trouble tickets are prioritized and resolved quickly and affordably. Superior remote capabilities and alerts enable issues to be identified, addressed and corrected.

Cost Savings:

Low cost maintenance contracts include on-site preventive maintenance visits, as well as complimentary remote resolution of minor programming changes.

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